Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Chen Xu at the Cocktail of Young Diplomats Dialogue
2023-03-24 12:32

Mr. Dominique Burgeon, colleagues, and young friends,

I am delighted to gather together with so many young friends today. First of all, on behalf of the Permanent Mission of China to UNOG, I would like to express our warm welcome to all of you here. Looking at all of you, I see the energetic and vibrant spirit of youth and feel the youthful vitality that everyone exudes.

This is an era full of challenges but also one full of hope. People from all countries around the world are increasingly calling for high-quality and sustainable development. The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, said that true sustainable development not only serves the youth, but also works hand in hand with them. China has always regarded the youth as the driving force for social development, encouraging young people to be promoters, participants, and builders of high-quality and sustainable development in the practice of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Today's dialogue discussed topics such as innovation, green development, biodiversity, and intellectual property protection, all of which are important components of high-quality development. Wehope to encourage young peopleactively participate in the global development agenda, to bravely express their views, and to make their voices heard. Sparks of ideas are always generated through exchanges and communications. The young people who participate in today's dialogue are experts in various fields, each with their own strengths and opinions. They have put forward many new ideas and insights, contributing wisdom and strength to promoting high-quality and sustainable development in the future. I believe that everyone has gained something, thought deeply, and made progress in this process.

The hopes of the youth represent the creation of tomorrow, and youth always accompany dreams. Today's event allows us to see a group of young people from different countries and international organizations who have dreams, determination, and hope to bring about positive changes for the future world. Young people have great potential and will definitely make significant achievements in promoting global high-quality and sustainable development. The world belongs to you and to us. Ultimately, the world belongs to the younger generation. I hope that everyone can bravely shoulder the responsibilities given by the times and, in the future work and life, strive to assist in implementing the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with practical actions, actively participate in the implementation of Global Security Initiative, Global Development Initiative and Global Civilization Initiative, and inject youthful energy into the progress of global high-quality and sustainable development.

Now please enjoy the performance with Chinese characteristics, hoping to bring you a feast for the eyes and ears.