Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Chen Xu at the High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen
2023-02-27 19:54

Mr. Chairman,

China highly appreciates the High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen co-hosed by the United Nations, the governments of Switzerland and Sweden.

At present, the humanitarian situation in Yemen remains critical. China expresses its deep sympathy forthe Yemeni people. We call on the international community to increase humanitarian assistance, and jointly support the UN system in carrying out efficient humanitarian relief operations in Yemen, and promote the safe and unhindered humanitarian access.

It’s our strong belief thatthe Yemen's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity should be maintained. We support the Yemeni Presidential Council to undertake its duties, we support the efforts to find resolutions of the issue through political means, and we support the continued role of the United Nations as the main channel for mediation in a fair and balanced manner. We hope all parties concerned in Yemen willplace the interests of the country and of the people first,achieve a permanent ceasefire through dialogue and consultation as soon as possible, and seek an inclusive political solution acceptable to all parties, so as to restore peace at an early date.

China and Yemen enjoy a profound traditional friendship. Over the years, China has provided Yemen with a large amount of assistance. After the outbreak of war in 2015, China has provided a total of 340 million yuan in aid, mainly for the implementation of medical supplies, food, municipal facilities and other projects. China is ready to continue to provide assistance to Yemen to the best of its ability and we are ready towork together with all the others to play a constructive role in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.