The second ASPAG Statement on POL/6 made by China on behalf of ASPAG at the 340th session of the Governing Body of the ILO
(POL/6: ILO Development Cooperation Strategy: 2020-2025)
2020-11-12 16:10

Thank you, Chair!

1. I am delivering this statement on behalf of ASPAG. We appreciate the great efforts of all groups during the 2nd round of discussion on this item in the spirit of compromise. My thank also goes to the Office for its hardwork to facilitate the exchange of views and incorporate guidance from GB members with a view to reaching consensus in an efficient way. It has been proved again that the Governing Body of ILO has the strong political willingness and capacity to take its responsibilities and realize its mandate by making important decisions through constructive tripartite dialogue, particularly at the crucial juncture.

2. Before we formally endorse the Development and Cooperation Strategy 2020-25, ASPAG would reiterate that, recognizing the overarching nature of this Strategy, it should be implemented not only following the guidance provided on this item, but also the guidance from other closely related items at the strategic level, namely, the Strategic Plan 2022-2025, Program and Budget as well as the response to COVID-19 elaborated in HL2.

3. ASPAG welcomes this Strategy to be accompanied by a mid-term review and a implementation plan which will be discussed and adopted by GB in the next March session. We request the Office to take a holistic and comprehensive approach to formulate the implementation plan with clear and tangible outcomes. The plan needs to be built upon a close examination of the existing budgetary resources in the current biennium and the predictable budget level of the coming bienniums while ensuring the consistency and coherence between the targets of this plan and the indicators set out by the results framework in Program and Budget. ASPAG is expecting another constructive discussion in the next March GB.

4. Last but not least, we also request the Office to communicate this Strategy to all departments, regional and field offices in a timely manner for the purpose of providing proper guidance to the work undergoing in this area.

5. With what have been said, we support the revised Decision Points presented by the Office.

Thank you, Chair!