Statement on POL/4 Made by China on behalf of ASPAG at the 341st session of the Governing Body of ILO
2021-03-31 23:05

(POL/4: ILO Development Cooperation Strategy 2020–25: Implementation Plan)


Thank you, Chair!


1. I am speaking on behalf of ASPAG. I would like to commend the Office for preparing this Implementation Plan for ILO Development and Cooperation Strategy 2020-25 by taking into account the guidance provided during the 340th GB session.

2. ASPAG acknowledges the role of development and cooperation as a significant means to achieve the overarching goals of this Organization, especially to accelerate the implementation of Centenary Declaration and realize the Sustainable Development Goals while providing essential field services to constituents through the vehicle DWCP. In addition, development cooperation is also vital to assist the member states to materialize a sustainable recovery from COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, we encourage the Office to fully utilize this implementation plan to continuously enhance the quality of ILO's development cooperation activities at global, regional and country level.

3. We agree the Framework of implementation to be built upon the four areas of focus in line with the Development Strategy 2020-2025 adopted by GB last November. Meanwhile, we think the deliverables have been presented at a appropriate level of details combined with both qualified and quantified targets with a view to generating tangible outcomes. In particular, we appreciate the South-south and Triangular Cooperation and the cooperation with ITC-ILO among others have been highlighted in a dedicated proposed action under Focus area 1. We also support the approach to establish a clear linkage between the proposed actions and corresponding outputs under both policy and enabling outcomes laid out in Program and Budget of the current and next biennium.

4. ASPAG would like to ask the Office to take into account the following comments when rolling out this Plan.

● Firstly, constituent's needs-driven should be placed at the core of development cooperation with the provision of agile and adapted field services in jointly identified areas.

● Secondly, the Office should also follow the guidance of GB under other relevant discussions including Program and Budget, UN reform, coherence within the multilateral system and COVID-19 and the world of work.

● Thirdly, we encourage the Office to step up its efforts to reach the target set by indicator C.3.1, C.3.2 in the results framework for the current biennium and indicator A.4.1 in the results framework for next biennium in expanding and mobilizing voluntary funding resources including through IFIS, other UN agencies as well as private sector.

● Fourthly, we request the Office to constantly monitor the progress and any concrete outcomes of the Development Strategy under each proposed action against its deliverables and report to GB by submitting a mid-term review in 2023 with a reflection on experience gained and lessons learned.

5. With what have been said, ASPAG could endorse the decision point of this agenda item.


I thank you, Chair!