Statement on INS/12 made by China on behalf of ASPAG at the 343rd session of the Governing Body of ILO
2021-11-16 23:44

(GB.343/INS/12:Report of the Board of the Turin Center,10th November 2021)

Thank you Chair. I am speaking on behalf of ASPAG.

1. We thank the Office for preparing the Report.

2. ASPAG reiterates the unique role of the Center as a dedicated capacity development arm of the ILO and a leading training institution in the UN System.

3. ASPAG highly appreciates the strong guidance of the Board and the continued support from the Italian Government and ILO constituents to the Center.

4. ASPAG notes with satisfaction the huge efforts the Center has been making in responding to the changing and challenging situation. Facing risks and challenges including COVID-19 Pandemic, the Center diversified its training modalities, accelerated the update of the digital-learning solutions, and transformed its service portfolio. We congratulate the Center on its good results achieved and good management in this difficult times.

5. ASPAG supports the Center’s Strategic Plan 2022-25, and Programme & Budget Proposals for the next biennium. These documents are of vital importance to the Center’s overall development in the coming years. We request the Center to closely follow the roadmap of the Strategic Plan, and fully implement the P&B, with a view to achieving efficiency and effectiveness of the Center’s operation, and meeting the expectations and needs of the tripartite constituents.

6. ASPAG requests the Center to constantly adapt its development strategy to on-going and future challenges, by adjusting the service mix, positioning the Center as a learning innovation hub in the UN system, and focusing on capacity-development aspects in line with the Centenary Declaration and the Global Call to Action for a human-centered Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

7. ASPAG encourages the Center to enhance communication and coordination with all ILO constituents and work closely with them to prioritize training projects conducive to economic recovery and social development taking into account national circumstances. It is also crucial for the Center to follow its clear vision, fulfill its important mission and proceed based on its guiding principles.

8. ASPAG stands ready to work collectively with all GB members and stakeholders to achieve the stable and sustainable development of the Center.

I thank you Chair.