Chinese Mission Spokesperson Liu Yuyin's Remarks on Mr. Pompeo's False Accusation
2020-07-23 04:56

On reported remarks by Mr. Pompeo yesterday in London, we categorically reject and oppose any unfounded, absurd and immoral allegations.

As the most authoritative and professional international organization in global health arena, the WHO has played an irreplaceable and crucial role in responding to the COVID-19 epidemic. At this critical moment of fighting against the epidemic, the US announced its withdrawal from the Organization, trying to coerce and manipulate the Organization through its financial influence so as to serve its political purposes. The US withdrawal, which undermines global solidarity in fighting against the pandemic and exacerbates developing countries' vulnerable health situation, has been unanimously opposed by the international community.

It is the common aspiration of the international community to uphold multi-lateralism and fight against the pandemic through global solidarity and cooperation. China will work together with other countries to continue to support the WHO to play its leadership role. Deflecting responsibilities will not solve the problems the US is facing. We hereby urge the US to put its mind and energy on saving lives of its people.