Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Chen Xu at the High-level Event“Rohingya Refugees: Enhanced Resilience, Expanded Solutions”
2023-12-16 05:52

The worsening situation in Rohingya refugee camps calls for more humanitarian support and assistance. China appreciates the endeavors by the UNHCR and other UN bodies for their positive contribution in this regard. China has offered multiple batches of emergency humanitarian assistance. In recent days, China sent another batch of 1.5 million dollar worth of health kits, which will benefit over 60,000 Rohingya women and girls in Bangladesh. The calls of the UNHCR deserve serious attention. We need to work together to lend a helping hand to the displaced people and the host communities.

The displaced people are longing to return to their own homes. China is in close communication with Bangladesh and Myanmar, and supports the two countries to overcome difficulties and work in the same direction, with a view to realize repatriation at an early date. It is gratifying to note that Bangladesh and Myanmar have displayed political will for starting the repatriation process, and reached a couple of important common understandings. We wish to see this momentum sustained, and key steps taken to produce real results. We hope that the international community would have more understanding to the realities and difficulties in the process, and render more support to Bangladesh and Myanmar, so as to help the displaced people return to their homes as soon as possible, and in a stable, steady and sustainable manner.

The Rohingya issue involves complex historical, ethnic and religious factors. It needs to be addressed with urgency, in the meantime, the root causes of the issue needs to be taken care of as well. Poverty is an important cause behind turbulence and conflict. We need to pay more attention and give more support to poverty alleviation and development in the region, so as to tackle the root cause of the problem. China is ready to play a positive role in this regard bearing in mind the parties' needs.

Thank you.