Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission Liu Yuyin Comments on Remarks by the Spokesperson of the OHCHR on Xinjiang
2021-12-10 23:00

On December 10, the spokesperson of the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights made absurd remarks on issues such as the so-called “Uyghur Tribunal”, which China firmly opposes.

The separatist organization “World Uyghur Congress”,manipulated and funded by anti-China forces in the United States and the West, has gathered a handful of anti-China elements to set up the so-called “Uyghur Tribunal”. They paid for liars, bought rumors and gave false testimony in an attempt to concoct a political tool to disrupt Xinjiang and smear China. The “tribunal” in question has neither legal basis nor any credibility, and is spit in contempt by people of vision in the world. The so-called “final ruling”from such a lie-making machine is nothing but a political farce staged by a couple of scoundrelswith the attempt to serve the political purposes of anti-China forces in the U.S. and the West.

This farce shows once again that lies are nothing but lies, no matter how many times they are repeated. At present, Xinjiang enjoys stability and prosperity. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiangare leading a better life, and their human rights are fully protectedin accordance with law. The so-called “arbitrary detention” “coercive labor practices” “erosion of social and cultural rights” are outright slanders.

China has been in contact with the OHCHR on Xinjiang related issues, and has updatedthe OHCHRon many occasions on the real situation on the ground in Xinjiang. China has extended on a number of occasions welcome fora friendly visitby the High Commissioner for Human Rights to China to promoteexchanges and cooperationbetween the two sides. However, this visit shall in no way becomethe so-called “investigation” under the presumption of guilt. If the OHCHR is only interested in the political manipulation of anti-China forces in the U.S. and the West andthe disinformation and lies spread by anti-China elements, onecannot but cast serious doubt on its impartiality and professionalism in performing its duties as a UN body. If anyone,turning a blind eye tostability, development and prosperity inXinjiangas well as its continuous human rights progress, chooses to black the white andpatch up the so-called assessmenton Xinjiang to serve the political purposes of thoseanti-China forcesin the U.S and the West, he will only find himself being discredited. Like the so-called “ruling” by the “Uyghur Tribunal”, an assessment as such will end up as a laughing stock in the world and a scrap of waste paper.