Chinese Mission Spokesperson Refutes the Smears by Certain Special Procedure Mandate Holders
2022-06-10 23:55

On June 10, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, and a few other special procedure mandate holders of the Human Rights Council, acting as the political tool of anti-China forces, flagrantly violated the Code of Conduct and made vicious slanders against China, which China strongly condemns.

Upholding the people-centered approach, the Chinese government takes people’s aspiration for a better life as its goal and commits itself to protecting human rights in all areas. China has been advancing whole-process people’s democracy, promoting legal safeguard for human rights and upholding social equity and justice. The Chinese people, with their human rights being protected at an unprecedented level, are living a good life as never before. The Chinese people are deeply proud of the human rights achievements of the country.

On the basis of equality and mutual respect, China is ready to actively conduct human rights dialogue and cooperation with all other parties to expand common understanding, reduce differences, promote mutual learning, seek progress together, and jointly advance the international human rights cause for the greater benefit of people across the world. At the same time, we oppose the despicable acts of political manipulation, wanton attacks and smears against countries and interference in their internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

Ignoring China’s tremendous human rights achievements, Ms. Aoláin and a few other mandate holders endorsed the lies and disinformation fabricated by western countries, including the United States, and anti-China forces. They abused their mandates and chose to collaborate with the United States in slandering China on the eve of the 50th session of the Human Rights Council, in a vain attempt to kidnap the Human Rights Council to serve the U.S. strategy of containing China, and to serve the interest of hegemony and power politics. They are promoting their private interests and fail to distinguish right and wrong. Their attempt to impose Western dogma on others and acts of wantonly politicizing and instrumentalizing human rights has seriously damaged the credibility of the Special Procedures.

Not long ago, at the invitation of the Chinese government, the High Commissioner for Human Rights paid a visit to China. Through talks and field visits, she has gained a better understanding of China’s human rights development path. The two sides had extensive and in-depth discussions, fully exchanged views and reached broad consensus on deepening cooperation. In disregard of the visit made by the High Commissioner, as well as the open and cooperative attitude demonstrated by the Chinese side during the visit, Ms. Aoláin and a few other mandate holders deliberately used lies to provoke confrontation, create division and undermine the work of the Human Rights Council. At a time when global challenges are on the rise and a united response of all countries is in urgent need, their acts show nothing but how malicious their attempt is!

Clouds cannot overshadow the sun, and lies cannot deny China’s human rights achievements. China will continue to follow a path of human rights development suited to its national conditions, promote the common values of humanity, actively conduct international exchanges and cooperation on human rights, and promote the sound development of global human rights. Ms. Aoláin and a few other mandate holders are strongly urged to change their wrong course immediately, respect basic facts and the independent choice of people of all countries, and play their due role in international human rights exchanges and cooperation, otherwise they will only be opposed by the international community.