Remarks of the Chinese Mission Spokesperson Liu Yuyin on the so-called Decision of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
2022-11-24 18:52

On November 24th,2022, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) issued a so-called decision on Xinjiang-related issues, which smears and slanders China's human rights situation based on disinformation fabricated by Western countries and anti-China separatist forces. China firmly opposes such decision.

Xinjiang-related issues are not human rights issues at all, but issues about counter-terrorism, de-radicalization and anti-separatism. China pursues a people-centered philosophy and has embarked on a humanrights development path that conforms to the trend of the times and suits China's national conditions. China implements the ethnic policy featuring equality, unity and common prosperity for all ethnic groups. There is nospace for so-called racism and racial discrimination in China. At present,Xinjiang enjoys social stability, economic development, culturalprosperity and religious harmony. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjian gare living a fulfilling life in peace. The development of the human rightscause in Xinjiang is at its best in history.

Some Western countries, out of the scheme of containing China by using Xinjiang-related issues and associating with anti-China separatists,have long been fabricating and spreading Xinjiang-related lies and rumors,coercing and manipulating multilateral human rights institutionsto take actions, in an attempt to smear China,undermine the stability of Xinjiang and curb the development of China. As one of the human rights treaty bodies, the CERD should have carried out its work in an impartialand objective way, conduct constructive exchanges and dialogues with State Parties. However, the CERD is now driven by certain forces, abusesits so-called “Early Warning and Urgent Action Procedures” without seeking communication or clarification with the Chinese government,forcibly adopts the so-called decision, stigmatizes China based ondisinformation,and reduces itself to the political tool of the West. Suchaction will only result in damaging credibility of the human rights treatybodies.

Facts speak louder than words, and justice will always prevail.Inrecent years,nearly 100 countries have continuously spoken up at the Human Rights Council and the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly to support China's just position and oppose any interference inChina's internal affairs by using Xinjiang-related issues. Having beenfirmly opposed by the majority of the Human Rights Council members,especially developing countries, the draft decision on Xinjiang-relatedissues tabled by the U.S. and some other Western countries was rejectedby the Council, which fully reflects who has the support of theinternational community and who has not. No matter how some Western countries utilize UN bodies to manipulate Xinjiang-related issues,theirpurpose of containing China can never be covered-up. the acts of politicization and instrumentalization of human rights issues of these countries will only end in failure.