Statement by H.E. Ambassador CHEN Xu on the Adoption of theResolution Entitled Investing in the Core Structure of IOM during the 30thSCPF
2022-06-29 18:05

Madam Chair,

China attaches great importance to the status and role of IOM. We support IOM’s work and its endeavour to achieve sufficient, stable and predictable financing through budget reform. Since the beginning, China has constructively participated in relevant discussions.

Like many others, especially developing countries, China believes that, the IOM budget reform should fully consider the current development status and payment capacity of each member state, make a reasonable allocation of different financial sources with an appropriate transition period. A tailored budget reform solution should be provided to the countries with severe financial constraints especially those hosting a significant number of displaced persons and migrants. We have emphasized on many occasions that the increase of core budget should be implemented in tandem with governance reform of IOM. The budget reform should incorporate specific measures to increase the transparency and efficiency in the use of fund, expand the financing resources such as fund raising from private sector, and enhance Member State’s ownership and oversight in budgetary matters. We have noticed that the latest proposal has made positive efforts in this regard. We hope that the budget reform could be implemented in an effective manner, so as to take care of the financial difficulties faced by most developing countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mitigate their payment pressure on the contributions, and ensure their voting rights will not be affected by arrears in relation to the increases of assessed contributions during certain transition period, in the meantime, it should also enhance the transparency, reasonableness and feasibility of budget formulation and promote the sound and sustainable development of IOM.

Looking back into the past 2 years of budget reform, quite a few lessons could be learned. One of vital importance is that, issues concerning the future development of IOM, such as budget reform, need to be based on the comprehensive consultations of member states, and seeking progress by a consensus building process, with the full participation of all member states, so as to ensure budget reform measures are implemented in a practical and effective manner.By doing so, I am sure we will send a positive signal that the work of IOM enjoy full support and cooperation by the international community to meet the challenges of migration with joint efforts, inject strong impetus to the development of global migration cause. We hopethatIOM will continue to carry out budget reform in accordance with the principle of member state owned and led, so as to reach consensus and unleash the dividends of the reform for the benefit of all parties.

Though facing huge fiscal pressure, China managed to support the current proposal, with a view to support IOM to play its role, and render a helping hand to Asian, African and Latin American countries and other developing countries. China believes the efforts we made together will enable IOM to mobilize more financial support including assessed contribution, and stand on a more solid foundation to play its leading and coordinating role in global migration governance, especially to better help Asian, African and Latin American countries as well as other developing countries, and migrant-hosting countries cope with migration challenges. Last but not least, I would like to reiterate that, China stands ready to continuously advance the global migration cause with concrete deeds.

Thank you!